So you want to be a writer, huh?

I’ll be honest with you – it isn’t easy. It took me years of work and learning the hard way from multiple mistakes before I hit some semblance of a stride. Split infinitives and post-colon capitalization lurk in my peripheral vision, and spellcheck saves me a minimum of a dozen times an hour, even a decade after I first got the notion to do this for a living. I’m a good writer – an imperfect one, perhaps, but halfway decent if a bucketful of happy clients is any indication. You can be too, if you’re willing to work at it a little and keep persistence as a constant goal.

I started The Freelance Writer Guide to…

…help those that are new to the craft, as well as those merely curious about it. After I had gotten more than a handful of friends and family started in the freelance world, I realized that I could help others, too. I don’t feel that minimum wage is fair compensation for the majority of jobs that pay it, and it makes me physically ill to see so many people with real talent struggling just to keep a roof over their heads or food in the fridge. For young 20-somethings, single parents, older people with an income that just doesn’t cut it anymore, and many more, writing has proved an effective barrier to climb back out of debt with. Whether you’re looking to put gas in your tank next week or sock away money for more substantial future goals, freelance writing online can help bridge the gap.
I initially wrote an e-book about freelance writing online with the intention of selling it across a platform like kindle, but after some consideration I’ve realized that it could do a lot more karmic good if people can read it for free. Those searching for freelance writer jobs online, after all, are looking to make some money – and for that reason probably don’t have it to spend. Freelance writing online can be tricky to get into, but if you know the right doors to knock on, eventually you’ll find opportunity behind one of them. I’m hoping that the information I’m posting on this site will be a guide to the proverbial neighborhood.

Click Here to Start Reading the Freelance Writer Guide: Chapter 1

In addition to posting the chapters of The Freelance Writer Guide, I’ll also be posting reviews of the “employee experience” at various freelance writing jobs and their respective sites. The application for some of these sites can be very extensive, and discovering a sub-par experience or pay rate once you’re “in” will take the steam out of anyone’s engine. Stick with me and I’ll do my best to help you make it. 🙂

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you find the freelance writer information here useful and fun. Pens up!

-Delany M,



5 thoughts on “

  1. Thanks for this freelance blog… If you want some freelance jobs, you can contact me…

    Blog Owner’s Note: While I appreciate the (vague) marketing attempt, your site is nothing more than a feeder list from and offers nothing of value on its own. I could re-post classified ads too, if I wanted to, and get the same commission you are attempting to on the back of my hard work.

    Next time, please write your own blog.

  2. I just wanted to warn the writers of iwriter against doing the fast track program. I have been a member since 2009 and done very little writing to be honest, only 20 articles of which 4 have been rejected over the years. the reason for the rejections were completely silly and had nothing to do with the articles. In on case, they had asked for ways to quit smoking and i wrote an article on electronic cigarets. very good article as they had just came into the market and they gave me a 2 rating because they did not feel it was a valid way to stop smoking. Each of the 4 articles that were not approved were reasons of a similar nature, and rated very poorly.The way that the articles are rated is totally random it is not on how it is written but how the requester feels about it, and if they were an authority on writing they would write the articles themselves.. All of my other articles that were approved received 4 or higher ratings but because of these 4 i had a 3.98 rating….. When i decided to do the fast track, I paid my money and wrote the articles. Before i submitted the articles i had them checked by my English professor in the university and he assured me they were excellent articles.
    The next day after submitting them to iwrited my status had not been elevated?? I contacted them and they told me that i had only received a 4 exactly on each of the articles, and that when averaged with my other articles i could not move forward! I was furious! To begin with the articles were excellent and each was given a 4, not 4.1 or 3.9 or 4.6 but each a flat 4. the advertisement had said that the 3 articles were averaged NOT an average of all your articles. This being the case even if they had rated them at 5 each it would not have elevated my average enough to be promoted.
    A COMPLETE SCAM! do not do it, 3 articles will not raise your average unless you have only written 2 articles in your life! has anyone else had this experience? I have asked for my money back!

  3. I just found your website and I think it’s just what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been looking for some honest advice for how to get my feet wet in the world of online freelancing, and there are just so many scams out there. I’ve almost been taken in by a couple of them, which has made me leery. I haven’t had the chance to read this extensively yet, but I’ve already printed off a couple of short articles which I think will be very, very helpful. Thank you!

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