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UPDATE: 11/17/2017: Great News! FreelanceWriterGuide readers now have access to the Freelance Dashboard, a handy all-in-one page with links to not only content creation job sites, but “Gig Economy” options as well, including grocery delivery, ridesharing like Uber and Lyft, and more.

Check it out!

Click Here to Access the Freelance Dashboard

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8 thoughts on “Links to Websites

  1. Many thanks for the info posted here.

    One question: On Freelancer, the site suggests that the user pay for short skills tests to increase the likelihood of having bids accepted. Do you think it’s quite necessary to do this -or- should I rest on my laurels and assume that my bids will win based on my portfolio?

    • Hi Eric – thanks for visiting! I would -not- recommend you shell out money for Freelancer’s “tests” unless something in your writing would indicate you aren’t a native English speaker. These tests seem like a real scam to me, and a way for the site to bleed more money out of writers. Stick with a solid bid (e.g. don’t cut and paste a generic response, refer directly to the project to show your interest, keep it professional) and you should be just fine.

      • Many thanks!

        I agree, the tests are nothing less than scams to leech money from the users.

        Keep up the good work!

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