Links to Websites


Looking for a list of Freelance Writing Websites to apply to? Here ya go! Bear in mind this is a ‘living list’ and will be adjusted as new sites cross my radar. 🙂


Content Mill Sites



Bid Sites



Task Sites



Selling Sites



8 thoughts on “Links to Websites

  1. Many thanks for the info posted here.

    One question: On Freelancer, the site suggests that the user pay for short skills tests to increase the likelihood of having bids accepted. Do you think it’s quite necessary to do this -or- should I rest on my laurels and assume that my bids will win based on my portfolio?

    • Hi Eric – thanks for visiting! I would -not- recommend you shell out money for Freelancer’s “tests” unless something in your writing would indicate you aren’t a native English speaker. These tests seem like a real scam to me, and a way for the site to bleed more money out of writers. Stick with a solid bid (e.g. don’t cut and paste a generic response, refer directly to the project to show your interest, keep it professional) and you should be just fine.

      • Many thanks!

        I agree, the tests are nothing less than scams to leech money from the users.

        Keep up the good work!

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