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Freelance Writing Site Reviews:

           (Verdict – Constant Content Scam? No. Worth the time? Yes.)
           (Verdict – OneSpace Scam? No. Worth the time? Maybe.)
            (Verdict – Textbroker Scam? No. Worth the time? Yes.)
           (Verdict – This site is NO LONGER RECOMMENDED. Read Why Here.)
          (Verdict – Scam? Yes. Worth the time? No.)
          (Verdict – Scam? No. Worth the time? No.)

Known Freelance Writing Scam Sites:


4 thoughts on “Site Reviews

  1. Has anyone worked for Demand Studios? I’ve done a bit of research, but I’m curious about any experience you folks might have with it! Thanks!

    • Granted, I only took a quick glance at it, but it looks very specialized towards Lithuanians. More than 90% of the jobs I looked at were in a foreign language, presumably Lithuanian. If you’re a native Lithuanian, it may be worth your time, but I wouldn’t bother otherwise.

  2. Hey Rebecca – I registered with Demand Media last week for several roles, was instantly rejected for the “copy editor” role, but havent’ heard back re: writing gigs. Registering was reasonably easy.

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