Freelance Writing Site Info: Review

Freelance Writer Guide Asks: Is legit or is a scam?

If you freelance with any frequency, sooner or later you’re going to end up with orphaned articles – pieces of writing that, for whatever reason, haven’t moved on. Sometimes a client ends up flaking out or rejecting a piece, or maybe you were itching to write about underwater basket weaving and the words just flowed. Sure, you could keep these on your hard drive in the off chance that you’ll find a use for them, but where’s the fun in that? Getting your pieces out there can only help your credibility and wallet in the long run. is set up to be an eBay-like sales platform for prewritten articles. You’ll need to click a button on the left (circled in the picture below) and  pass a short 5 question quiz to prove you know what you’re doing.

Take your time. Read each question carefully, Google grammar rules to double check if you have to. These aren’t easy questions for the rule-impaired.

Constant Content Quiz Answers

Once you’re in, you can start putting up your stray articles or writing fresh ones for the marketplace. All articles need to be in 12 pt Times New Roman and in a word doc, so convert if you need to. I recommend adding as many “tags” as you can possibly think of, as this will help your work pop up in search results within the site. Submitted articles can take anywhere from a single day to the better part of a week to approve and be posted, so be patient.

Once your work is up on the site, market your heart out! I give all of my posted Constant Content works the hashtag treatment on Twitter at least once a day, more often than not. Doesn’t take long, and if I sell an article a month it’s more money than I had before. I also use my Constant Content portfolio to demonstrate to clients what I’m capable of – the image-based writing preview system closely mirrors my own and the site’s “log in to view” requirement helps scare off the scrapers and thieves.

Is selling through Constant Content going to produce a liveable income by itself? Probably not.

Is it, however, a vital part of a diversified approach to finding freelance work? You bet!