Motivation….isn’t that a Pokemon?

This is a four panel comic. In the first panel, a cartoon person with a broom and sponge is speaking to a small green smiling sphere. He says "Let's do random chores around the house!" In panel two, the speakers switch physical orientation and the smiling green sphere is shown to be labeled "motivation." The sphere says "Yeah! I'm here for you!!" In panel 3, the cartoon person is speaking to the green smiling motivation sphere again, saying "Okay, now let's work on that big project we've been putting off!" In panel 4, there are no words but we see the green smiling motivation sphere alone on a bus with a hat and a packed bag, with vistas of clouds and mountains out the window.

Comic via

If anyone was curious if they were alone in their elusive motivation sphere escapades. Such is the fate of freelancers! 😉


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