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Freelance Writer Guide Asks: Is iWriter legit or is iWriter a scam?

Update, 3/9/15: A fellow writer on one of my worksites had this to say when asked “Is the iWriter Fast Track Program a Scam?”
“$150 doesn’t quite do it either. I signed up when I first joined TB (Textbroker). I thought, okay I will give this a shot. I paid, nothing happened. After a month, I started raising hell about it being a scam. I got my money back, but only after going through 8 weeks of annoyances and yelling matches. Run away as fast as possible. FYI, the check I got in the mail for the returned money came from Egypt.”

My readers know that I will typically walk through every aspect of a writing site, detailing procedures like applying to write for pay online, the experience one can expect once approved, and even pay frequency – iWriter breaks the mold because I don’t feel they deserve that treatment. iWriter was pretty low on my totem pole for review, as the site is extremely sparse on jobs and much like the scam seemed to perpetuate, drew newbies in with the promise of high pay that wouldn’t manifest until several months of pittance-pay grunt work had been plowed through.

Essentially, the idea is that you start off as a beginner at, and you aren’t able to move up to the higher ranks (premium and elite, respectively) until you’ve cleared at least 30 jobs. Beginners make about half a cent per word, which is ridiculously low; so low that I’d immediately dismiss it as a possibility for my fledgling writers. I checked the site just before writing this and the only job available to beginning English writers was a 500 word piece on Indian Real Estate that paid a whopping $2.63 and came from a client with a 53% rejection rate track record. Um, no thanks.

Normally I’d just shrug this off as a bad site and move on, but iWriter lined themselves up in my sights with an appalling email. Actually, the iWriter email wasn’t so bad, it was the stomach-turning SCAM it led to. Here’s a screenshot of the email, with my comments in red (click to enlarge):

"This breaks down to a whopping 2.02 cpw at the highest level available on their site.

“This breaks down to a whopping 2.02 cpw at the highest level available on their site.”

Okay, I’ll bite. A special iWriter test that I have to take to get a higher rank, maybe? Let’s find out by logging into the site (click image to enlarge) –


Wow. Just…wow.

So this scam expects newbie writers to not only fork over $147 (!!!) to prove that they’re “serious” about writing, they also want three free pieces of SEO content to prove your “worth”. Any freelance writing site that engages in these scam practices needs to be crossed off your roster, period. No legitimate site will EVER make you PAY to work for them on ANY level – that’s not how employment or freelancing works, it’s actually the polar opposite of how it’s supposed to work. is a scam, is a waste of time, and they should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for attempting to take advantage of new writers like this. Avoid


37 thoughts on “Freelance Writing Site Info: iWriter

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of iWriter’s fast track program. It’s spammy and ridiculous. I’m hoping they see the error of their ways and drop the program in favor of a free service or at least pay the writers for the content if they plan to use it. The whole thing just gets under my skin. I hate it.

    However, reaching elite status on your own is not the impossible trial it seems. You posted this blog on February 5th, a Tuesday, so I’m guessing you logged into the site either sometime yesterday or today. Many iWriter writers choose the option to be paid weekly Tuesday morning or every other Wednesday. This causes iWriter to be flooded with writers on Monday and Tuesday hoping to pad their paycheck or at least bump it up to the payment threshold. This is great for clients since their articles are likely to be written very quickly, but not so great for writers looking for a good project, since the best ones get snatched up almost as soon as they’re posted. Instead, I recommend checking the site on Thursday, Friday, or sometime during the weekend. Personally, I visit iWriter almost at random, keeping an eye out for a fun, worthwhile project and ignoring the junk. It’s a great way to fill time between projects or earn a little extra spending money. It’s also a great way for new or young writers to try their hands at writing for clients. It’s not the full time job iWriter has been trying to make it out to be lately, but it isn’t a complete scam either.

    Love your blog, by the way. I’m adding it to my feedreader. Keep up the awesome work. 🙂

    Brinna Blaine
    Living a Freelance Life

    • Hi Brinna –

      Thanks for weighing in! I appreciate your visit and I love that my reviews are provoking discussion in the freelance community.

      Even though achieving elite status may not be impossible, I will continue to have the site on my NO list for reasons beyond their “pay to play” iWriter scam. Beginners make, by’s own literature, less than half a penny per word. This means that beginning writers have 30 articles of despicable wages (more, if they get problem clients) to complete before they can hope to, maybe, make what’s considered median pay on other sites. I leveled my review guns at Interact Media recently because they have a .007/cpw option among other higher pay rates available to 4 star ranked beginners, and I called out the woman who runs the site on that fact multiple times in the comments there when she opened a dialogue. I’m sure you can understand – I’m certainly not going to give iWriter a pass on a rate that’s even lower than that one.

      I’ve started the handful of writers I mentor on Textbroker – while their 3 stars make 1 cpw and their 4 stars make 1.4 cpw, it’s still above the line I’d consider outright exploitation. Sites like Textbroker, CloudCrowd, and Media Piston all have their separate issues, but reasonably fair pay for new writers isn’t one of them.

      The fact remains that I adamantly refuse to support any site that even considers making their workers pay for the right to work for them. I’ve seen this behavior from real life companies like Cutco / Vector Marketing, and any “organization” that makes you shell out money for training/background checks/uniforms/etc yet does their interviews out of a room at the Holiday Inn is looking to take your money and run. Most young freelancers have ended up in the field because they’re tired of dealing with shady companies like that – I won’t steer them to one that preys on its own workforce.

  2. I don’t think Brad Callen understands what goes into writing. I have sent support tickets because of rejections and the staff repsonded quickly. They will raise your rating. I only have 50 rejections since starting there about 18 months ago which isn’t bad, but that is still time wasted and money lost. At least now, a client can send articles back for revision. I also find the high rejection rates bothersome. The site has been low of work here the last few days. It seems that way on others except Media Piston which seems to be picking up. The site has improved , though , it needs more tweaks. I will stick with them for the time being. Cheating and explioting writers is not the way to earn money.

  3. Hello!

    I am a victim of iWriter. Just recently (or just yesterday), they have banned mine and my friend’s account of “spamming rating.” Ridiculous enough. I have about $35 in my account, while he has I think $15. We are both scheduled to withdraw our earnings this Tuesday, February 19, 2013. I filed a ticket complaining why we should be banned. Well, a support specialist replied and said, we are banned permanently and no funds will be reimbursed.

    Spamming rating — in our defense, though, can’t we be each other’s client? I think it’s not even written in their terms that a client and a writer must not have the same address/IP address specifically. We have earned our ratings through working with clients. However, yes, we might have used each other to help increase our ratings a little bit, but how is that their concern? We did not hack. We did not scam. They even earned their commission from it. We are two different people who just happened to be “monkey wise” enough. Did we break any rules here? I repeat, we just became each other’s client.

    They’re not gonna give us our earnings — isn’t Brad Callen being a thief here? It’s our money. We earned it. We worked for it.

    Also, I’m thinking of a reason why they would offer such a “Fast Track Program” if they’re so concerned that premium clients will receive junk from the writers (aka us) who, they say, “illegally” earned a premium rating? Although they offer a test, I think, people who will be able to pay such an amount of money can also hire someone else to do the test for them just to pass.

    Whatever. I just received a response again from Callen’s assistant, saying that “it’s still the same thing.” She’s implying we did break their “rules.” I browsed on their terms, it just stated that an account should be used by one person with legal identity. We are using one account under our own names. I said, we just want our money, they could ban us forever from their site. Brad the fucking Callen wouldn’t just give his ex-workers their money.

    If I had money, could we file, say, a lawsuit? If we could, we would save money to do just that. I’m just so mad because if we weren’t good writers, we wouldn’t be earning that much, right? Although, $35 isn’t much, but to earn “that much” from iWriter, we’re good, right?

    P.S. We were forced to try iWriter because we are not from the US, we cannot sign up for any other writing sites (none that we know of).

    • Hello Lala –

      First of all, I’m sorry that iWriter banned you. While I don’t agree with the reciprocal system you and your friend had set up – the rules may not have explicitly forbid it, but common sense dictates it’s kind of cheating – I don’t think iWriter had any right whatsoever to keep your money. A few writing sites I work with have that rule set up, but it’s focused on commissions, not outright earnings. For example, if your friend wrote an article after connecting with your affiliate link and you earned a percentage from that, they may be in their rights to take that because it could be considered as earned dishonestly. But outright pay? No way. You made money through your writing work and they’re definitely stealing it.

      While I can tell you aren’t a native writer, it’s only through a few very subtle turns of phrase and a missing word or two. Your grasp of the language is admirable, especially compared to other foreign writers I’ve seen. I would suggest you try out CloudCrowd, as you only need a Facebook account and a Paypal account to work there, regardless of what country you live in. Here’s the link – .

      • Yes, we may have really done something wrong. We acknowledge that. All that we’re really asking his team is for our earnings to be paid and then we’re all settled. It’s work-earned money.

        What if he really doesn’t give it? Can I call him a thief even though we’re the first ones to “cheat?” Lol. I hate him.

        Yes, I am not. Thank you for the admiration. I would try that. Thank you very much!

      • I don’t think you’d be out of line calling him a thief, though more accurately you should place the blame on the company, IWriter, as opposed to the founder. Newbie writers won’t be searching for his name before they sign up, they’ll be looking for site info. Understand? 🙂

      • Hi again!

        I just have a question… I don’t know if this is silly, but here it goes… Do we own the rights for the articles? I mean, we were not really paid for them. The clients paid Brad but not us. I’m really sorry if this is stupid.

      • No no, it’s an honest question. I can’t speak to the legality of it, but I personally would consider you to still have the rights to it.

        The tricky part is that the client paid iWriter, so as far as the client is concerned they have done what they had to do to gain the rights to your work. They’d probably be confused or angry if you approached them and claimed they stole your work. Your “beef” (as we say here in the US) is with iWriter itself, unfortunately.

        Have you tried googling a sentence of your article in ” ” quotes to see if the client has used it yet?

      • Yep. Can I post the link here after I’ve finished? Haha.

        I’m actually looking for “scamming rating” and I haven’t found anything about it yet. I think, we’re the first ones to commit it? Or we’re the first ones to get “caught” for it. I still believe we’re clean, although we know it’s wrong. Haha.

        I love this blog and I appreciate this conversation with you. Have a good day! 😀

    • iwriter just banned my account because “low rating” i read their FAQ i”m not in that categories as low rating writer, i have my money there so i will say iwriter is thief

  4. Hi Delaney,

    I came across your page on Google and was immediately captivated by your resourceful posts. My question is, are there any sites you can recommend that aren’t like iwriter and interact media? Sites that actually pay writers well? Please advice. Thanks

  5. I write for them now and then and recently got a bulk order at a pretty high rate.

    I agree that the half a cent per work rate for the first 30 articles is ridiculous; I’d suggest that anyone wanting to try it pick short articles that can be written quickly. It can pay off if you can actually write.

    I’m glad to see they’re finally starting to catch onto the scammers who are working as teams so that they can reach the 5 star level. What good does it do you if you reach that level if you’re not capable of delivering quality? No one “forced” you to do anything, Lala. There are plenty of writing sites out there who will accept foreign members. I’d suggest that you try earning your rating the old fashioned way from now one because what you did is a scam that hurts legit writers.

  6. This website runs illegally and all should beware of this. They do not state in their Terms of Use page that they will shut down writers for virtually no reason. I wrote 21 articles in 16 hours one day, 19 of which received four or five-star reviews. How does the site respond to these two bad ones? Banning the account for “spam articles.” Hard to imagine I’d be getting good reviews if I was turning out “spam.” They illegally bar people from funds they have worked hard to earn, and should be avoided at all costs.

    More importantly, you should spread the word. These law-breakers don’t deserve to be indulged. If you do some background research on Brad Callen you’ll find out this is not by far the first stated issue with their practices. They are unprofessional and frankly quite stupid about wearing it on their sleeve. Take them down.

    If you have not yet used this site, don’t. They exist solely to steal money from hard workers because they have no idea how to earn for themselves under pretense of the law. There are already enough people angry over this for me to start a class action suit, but I am definitely looking for more. It is mostly employers on the site who file these rip-off reports, but trust me, they are ripping off writers as well. You’d think they would police the spam bots on the site and not the actual writers, but I guess the spam bots don’t withdraw funds as frequently so they get to see a benefit..

    This site should not be used by anyone who cares about their future, their pocketbook, or about plain fair business dealings.

    • Blog Owner’s Note: This commenter submitted the comment below mere hours after iWriter sent out an email to all of its writers, offering to pay a dollar or two for every iWriter-positive comment that they managed to get out on the internet. I’m leaving the comment intact in the interest of fairness, but I very much urge anyone reading it to educate themselves and take it with a massive grain of salt. Here’s more info on the latest iWriter scam.

      Hi There Kieran,

      While your post suggests that you might have felt undone by iwriter in some way. But I have been an iwriter member for a year now and have been really successful here. While you might argue that the initial pay might be very less even for a newbie but you can move up the rungs by continuously delivering good quality articles and earn a significant sum at the premium and elite levels. And they have flexible payout levels so its the writer who sets the payout levels and not the other way around. I have been ripped off earlier by several fake “freelance” sites and I guess all these factors make iwriter one of the very few genuine sites that do justice to both non experienced and experienced writers.

      Well thats what I feel. 🙂

  7. In 2011, I “hired” Indian American freelancer named Delson Armstrong (Delson90) to write a screenplay, or two scripts actually.
    He recommended paying outside Elance, and I paid him $7500 upfront. He wrote couple of pages, but then I saw that he ran out of motivation. Maybe it had something to do with the money, and there was no contract. He realized that I live in Europe, and he was in New York, so nothing´s going to take the money away from him, whether he does the work or not.

    During first 16 months, he kept on saying that everything is going as planned, he´s been working hard and written this many pages, but he doesn´t want to show it yet. Excuses and explanation “I will show it tomorrow, next week, I have been sick, it´s thanksgiving here…”
    But nothing happened.
    Anyway, I was hoping for a new start even though we both knew that he´s a shameless liar.
    16 months: he wrote a synopsis for a regular agent story, and stuff like that.
    20 months: he returned 600 dollars.
    24 months: he really started writing this regular agent story he had created.
    26 months: he had a 6 week pause and deleted his Elance after receiving 2.5 star feedback from another job.

    I basically paid his rent or holiday trips,and wasted 6900 while he kept me hanging for two years.

  8. Hello! I am writer from India. I had registered with Iwriter and had written 34 articles there. 29 of them were reviewed and I have an average rating of 4.58 with just one more article to move to premium or elite writer status. Suddenly today when I was writing an article and tried to submit it there was an error which read “We already have a copy of this article on record. If you used an external editor, please make sure you copied the correct article body.”

    So I decided to cancel the article, so that i can rewrite it again. However my account seems to have been disabled and the following message was stated

    Sorry, your account is not allowed to connect to iWriter

    (Admin reason: trying to send the same article twice)

    Kindly help me out with this! I did not do any wrong other than sincerely writing articles for them. I feel very depressed indeed!

    • Hello Ashwin;

      I’m sorry to hear about your experiences at iWriter – there’s a reason I gave it such a negative review as a freelance site. It set off a lot of red flags for me from the start, and I can’t say I’m surprised to hear your story. I’m just a writer like you, though – I wrote an iWriter review to warn others that it looked like a scam. I have no control over what iWriter does or does not do in regards to your account, though from my years of experience freelancing I’d tell you to just walk away. I’d be genuinely surprised if they reinstated your account.

      • It was unfortunate that I couldn’t read your blog before, else I wouldn’t have joined them and wasted by time there. The funny thing here is they would also not be paying my $30 which was already with them. Even assuming that I did a mistake, which for sure I never did still they had to me whatever I had already earned from their site. It seems they would not be paying that too. And all these stuff happened just when I was about to submit by 30th article for review, which meant after this article I would have become an elite writer(since my rating was already 4.58 and they needed a rating of 4.6 after min of 30 reviews)

        Anyways I have moved over from there. Money is not that important to me. I write because it is my passion and I want to earn whatever I deserve 🙂

        Kindly let me know of legitimate writing opportunities for international writers. Thanks!!

  9. I honestly wish I would have stumbled across your blog before my dealings with iWriter! Yes, I now agree that it is a scam, although I might have gotten lucky. Last week everything was going swimmingly – I had written 12 articles, all had been accepted, and I made $28! (Good start.) But then everything went sideways – I got scammed by a guy who asks for articles, copies-and-pastes the submissions, then rejects them so he doesn’t have to pay. Add on top of that an accident on my part (I was using an outside text editor, and when I went to copy-and-paste it brought up a previous article), and I got permabanned. Worst of all is an email from the “assistant” at Brad Callen, a woman named Amanda Cunningham, who brusquely stated that all bans were permanent and that she couldn’t help me anymore.

    THIS SITE IS A BLATANT SCAM!!! They are a content mill (nothing inherently wrong with that) who pay poorly (something wrong with that) and work with scam artists (very bad) to take advantage of struggling writers. I hope that this site is investigated for interstate fraud!

  10. I have put iWriter out of my mind for the past year and a half, after having wasted some time there and not having made enough money to withdraw what I’d already earned. Those who defend this ”business” and brush off any losses people report as ”unfortunate accidents” claim it doesn’t make sense for prolific writers to be banned so a few dozen / hundred dollars could be stolen from their accounts. They say – and rightfully so – that those writers have the potential to earn iWriter fat comissions for years to come.

    But that strategy applies to businesses based on long term expectations, not to scams. If you understand the mentality behind Ponzi schemes, for instance, iWriter starts making sense as well; it seems to be about grabbing other people’s money whenever it’s needed / wanted, just because it’s available. I don’t think these people necessarily have a long term plan; they have no ethics, sense of shame or regard for their own reputation (which they’re aware of, I’m sure). Their attitude towards writers is disgusting and they’re not even trying to hide it.

    At first, having worked for many clients in the past (who acknowledged how time-consuming writing was) I tried to convince myself no one would set up an operation that size just to con hard working people out of their despicably little money. Especially people who live in countries where a few dollars actually make a differece towards a week’s grocery shopping. The explanation can be summed up in a single word: psychopathy. At least that’s what I think.

    • Blog Owner’s Note: This commenter submitted the comment below mere hours after iWriter sent out an email to all of its writers, offering to pay a dollar or two for every iWriter-positive comment that they managed to get out on the internet. I’m leaving the comment intact in the interest of fairness, but I very much urge anyone reading it to educate themselves and take it with a massive grain of salt. Here’s more info on the latest iWriter scam.

      i don’t want to sound like a marketer or anything bt the truth is; iwriter works if you can write and you follow the rules to the letter. I have worked for over an year as an elite writer and my experience is good. All you need to do is pick the articles you write carefully.

      First and foremost, avoid new requesters if you want your rating to be safe. In most cases, new requesters who offer the highest pay end up rejecting articles. You should therefore stick to old requesters who have a proven track record of accepting articles. If you have managed to reach elite writer status, your chances of getting your article approved are very high. That’s what i have been doing over the past year. I have written over 500 articles. Only 20 have been rejected.

      If you are starting out as a standard writer, your focus should be the same. Write for requesters with a high approval rate (preferably over 80%). You will be elite in no time. The pay might be low when starting out however look at the big picture. Elite status exposes you to high earnings. You can even write ebooks for over $500.

  11. Blog Owner’s Note: This commenter submitted the comment below mere hours after iWriter sent out an email to all of its writers, offering to pay a dollar or two for every iWriter-positive comment that they managed to get out on the internet. I’m leaving the comment intact in the interest of fairness, but I very much urge anyone reading it to educate themselves and take it with a massive grain of salt. Here’s more info on the latest iWriter scam.

    I have used iWriter as bit a writer and a client and have to say that its certainly not a scam. I quickly reached premium status having learned very quickly how to write for their clients. It actually teaches you a lot about writing short articles, I earned money from the site and it helped me out when I needed it. Now,I mainly use it to source content for my blogs and again, find it very effective and useful

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  13. Contest or no contest, i have earned money from iwriter for the past one year. That’s the truth. The site is legit. If you want proof just ask bt don’t generalize experiences. There are those that earn money from the site monthly like me.

    • James, I don’t doubt that you have earned some sum of money for your work over, as you say, “the past one year” on iWriter. That doesn’t mean that the site is ethical, well-intentioned, fair or even a good place for Freelancers. I started and maintain this blog to give freelancers a real, honest idea of what to expect out of the content mill sites on the web, and paid “testimonials” aren’t worth the check they’re printed on.

      The fact of the matter is, if iWriter wasn’t a scam or didn’t employ scams to get/keep its writers, you would have been talking it up long before Brad Callen dangled money at your motivations to spread the word across the internet. Have you considered that the very notion that he is paying you to attract your own competition – not clients that would pay you, but other writers that would compete with you – is an extremely flawed idea at best, and totally unethical to boot?

      I don’t mean to be harsh, but you should step back and consider the situation, and realize that a few dollars isn’t worth expecting you to court your own replacement.

      • Haha! I realize you wrote this awhile ago, but just had to compliment you on your assessment of the situation. I signed up for iWriter, but quickly removed my info {Social Security number first…although they already had it so it makes little difference} when I received the email telling me how to immediately improve my rating…yeah, I’m filling out the check for $147 big ones right now…the promise of “free money” was more than enough to make me gag, so I didn’t want to spend any more time thinking about it. It didn’t even occur to me they were actually asking me to attract my own competition. So, kudos to you for recognizing and “extremely flawed idea” for exactly what it is…I’m off to take an IQ test.

  14. Blog Owner’s Note: This commenter submitted the comment below mere hours after iWriter sent out an email to all of its writers, offering to pay a dollar or two for every iWriter-positive comment that they managed to get out on the internet. I’m leaving the comment intact in the interest of fairness, but I very much urge anyone reading it to educate themselves and take it with a massive grain of salt. Here’s more info on the latest iWriter scam.

    Hello Dear I am an Indian writer on Iwriter from almost a year and my experience with this site is good. This site is a genuine payer and working on this site always makes me learn and improve my writing skills. If you say that the site makes writers compete among themselves and not the clients actually pay us then there is no legit reason to prove that…..Anyways I am happy with the site and with my earnings with it….and more importantly its the best option for the beginners,

  15. Hi ThatWordChick,
    Find this blog an interesting one. Can you help me out in getting some genuine websites which offer freelance contenting work. I am from India, it would be kind to you if you help me out. thanks in advance. b bye 🙂 🙂

  16. Hello there!

    I actually found your blog by mistake. I was in a waiting area and wondered if I could pull up the iwriter website on my cell phone and work while I waited. Well, instead I somehow stumbled upon your blog. I am SO glad I did.

    I think it’s interesting that most of the “supportive” iwriter comments seem to have grammar issues. Some admit that they are foreign so being a non-native English speaker could account for some of that. I also find it interesting that the last comment negates the obvious conclusion you bring up that they are trolling for their own competition. I confess that a good friend of mine told me about iwriter, but after watching the way assignments appear and disappear so quickly from the board, I have to admit that if I were using iwriter as my sole means of income, I’m not so sure I’d be as nice as my friend was and tell another friend about iwriter.

    However, I *am* hoping to make a living at this eventually, so now that I hear not only from you but from several other individuals in the comments that the least misstep can cause you to lose your hard-earned pay, I think that I will research other freelance writer websites. I did read your guide (thank you!) and took notes, especially notes of sites that got favorable mention from you, and I will be checking them out.

    Thank you for taking the time to make writing for pay easier for others. I appreciate it, and I’m sure many others do too.


    • Denise – I’m so glad you found the FWG 🙂 When I first started freelancing, the sun rose and set with Textbroker, for me…I never even *considered* that I had options. TB is still not a bad place for beginners, but I never want my readers to feel like they’re ‘trapped’ putting their eggs in one basket. I’m working on a quick-start guide to help people figure out exactly what they should be doing to break out into freelancing (and where!), so stay tuned 🙂

  17. Nice blog, lots of very useful info for new writers! I agree completely about the fast track program – it does make the site seem like a scam, and is definitely not worth the cost. If you ignore it though, it’s not too hard to get up to the top rating fairly quickly through the normal route of writing articles and getting good ratings. I’ve found that the requests on iWriter vary a lot too – sometimes there are loads of interesting projects, other times there’s barely anything.

    It’s interesting that you prefer Textbroker, I’ve written a few things there but found a distinct lack of projects for those still at 3 star level. I suppose it varies on all of these sites. The long entrance procedure was a little off putting too.

    I wonder if there are any other sites you would recommend to new writers?

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  19. Wish I had seen this post earlier, Just woke up and to my shock my account had been blocked, worst of all with my $50 I was to withdraw today.

  20. that’s so true.Recently,a cheat requester rejected my article with low rating and then posted the same article word for word on some website.When I complained to Iwriter,they said they will disable that horrible requester’s account only if he is a “repeat rejector”.His account is still active.Guess the biggest thief is BradCallan himself.New writers should stay away from Iwriter!

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