Connecting With Copywriting Clients: The Message

While I mentioned taking steps towards cementing client relations in the freelance writer guide, it’s important enough that it bears repeating. As a new or aspiring copywriter, you’ll be faced with many days – weeks, at times -where work is just plain slow. Whether it’s economic or time-based in nature, open order clients periodically tighten up their requests or stop requesting projects all together until business picks up. This is often only an appearance, however, with the bulk of available work simply earmarked out of the “public” eye on work sites. If you write for money online, you can either starve through the lean times or treat every project as an opportunity to open doors. I highly recommend the latter!

The first step is to craft a brief message, roughly 2 or 3 sentences, that communicates both gratitude and professional marketing of your skills. In addition, adding in the client’s name (where available) and referencing the article(s) you’ve just finished for them personalizes your message and makes it more likely to make an impact. Here’s an example, but be sure to craft one in your own voice:

“[Client Name], thank you for giving me the opportunity to work on your [Article Subject] article. I strive to deliver 5-star level work to my clients; if you agree that I’ve provided it, please rate me accordingly. If not, please let me know how we can get this piece to 5-star status for you. Thanks again, and I hope that we can work together in the future.”

With perks such as the ability to claim more than one piece of work at once, higher pay rates, and even access to more work, getting high site ratings when you write for pay online is a vital consideration. The stress on the level-5 rating will ensure you don’t suffer low ratings due to client misunderstanding or neglect, while the mention of future collaboration will inevitably land you on some exclusive team/favorite lists within each site.

Almost every content mill site – MediaPiston, TextBroker, Interact Media – has a method for contacting the client in some fashion. With some write for money sites, a digital wall or board is available within the article writing interface, with others messages may be sent to the client’s inbox directly. Send or post your message with every piece you write; I recommend typing it out manually each time to prevent a cut-and-paste snafu that references the wrong job or client -that will send the wrong message entirely. In the event that posting or messaging options aren’t made available on the site you use to write for money online, try working your message, minus the name and article subject, directly into your profile page text.

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