Freelance Writing Site Info: CloudCrowd Review

Freelance Writer Guide Asks: Is CloudCrowd legit or Is CloudCrowd a scam?
UPDATE: 7/21/2015: Crowdsource is now where all applicants should head to (Cloudcrowd no longer exists as a standalone company). You can apply at this link:

UPDATE. 6/9/14: Applications and work for BOTH the former Cloudcrowd site and now go through, which in turn will kick you to Mturk (if you have Amazon payments as your preferred payment method) to work on tasks after achieving qualifications, or leave you to work on the site itself (if you select Paypal as your payment option). 

What is CloudCrowd?
Aside from a tongue twister, CloudCrowd is a combination of a “mill” type writing site with many articles available for writing and a microjobs site, where small individual tasks can be completed for a few cents each.

How do I start at CloudCrowd?

CC has an unusual Facebook-based system, not a traditional .com site to work through. You’ll need a Facebook account, which are free to set up, and then you’ll need to click this link to start at CloudCrowd. From there, click the credibility tab, the writing section, and the English Credibility Test from there (see image below):

Getting Started at CloudCrowd

How to get started at Cloudcrowd

The test is timed, but you get about 40 minutes for the same amount of questions. English Comprehension Credential Test answers for CloudCrowd are fairly self-evident to native or fluent English speakers, and you can expect something like this:

CloudCrowd English Comprehension Test

The test results and credential award for this test should come back immediately, but don’t expect such a fast turnaround for the peer-reviewed writing or editing tests, which take a few days in most cases.

  • For the writing test, you’re called on to write a 150-200 word piece on a keyword (I’ve seen “green shoes” and “funeral home” on two separate occasions).
  • The marketing test will send you to an Amazon or Overstock product and require you to rewrite the product description.
  • The editing test directs you to a poorly-translated Asian site with the order to essentially rewrite the homepage text – which seems more “rewrite” than “edit” to me, but that’s my opinion.

All tests aside from comprehension and all writing tasks completed require you to submit your work as a Word Document – there are no text entry boxes on the site at all. The completed tests will not pay money.

 How do I get paid with Cloudcrowd?

You’ll need a paypal account to get payment from CC, there are no other options available. Payment is made every day – yes, you read that correctly – into your given paypal account. For instance, if you complete $3 of work on Monday and it’s approved by Monday evening, you’ll have $3 in your account by Tuesday evening. This makes CC an excellent platform as far as money desperation is concerned. If something’s about to be shut off and your other writing site paydays fall too far in the future, you can make the extra you need with CC. The payment times vary, but are generally in the 7pm-8pm EST range for yours truly. The site does NOT take a percentage off for themselves, so what you see is what you get – I imagine they’ve done all of their fee-trimming prior to posting the jobs.

How is the overall experience at CloudCrowd?

It’s a little tough. It’s easy to feel like no one’s listening, and you’re shoulder-to-shoulder with a lot of ESL types, which can make peer review – which the site runs on, by the way – a little bit difficult. Be ready to file appeals for wrongful rejections, but make sure you’re in the right by reading both the site styleguide and the individual task styleguide(s) before beginning – there’s a lot of reading to cover, in some cases. The writing portion often has exhaustive instructions, but they do pay .03/word, which is generous in comparison to a lot of other mills at an average rating level.  Lurk the forums for a bit and you’ll see what the common complaints are, which may help you avoid pitfalls of your own.

Helpful Hints for CloudCrowd

You’ll notice your “credibility” rating once you start at CC – this is an important little number. In general, you’ll get a single point boost for every microjob you complete, such as filling in product spec information for Amazon. (You don’t have to do these microjobs, as writing looks to be a fairly separate animal, but you will need higher credibility for editing tasks). Use the “skip” button judiciously – if you don’t know the answer for sure, just pass it by.  Skipping doesn’t affect your credibility and it may save you from hitting a “check task” – a task with a predetermined answer that, if answered incorrectly, will tank your credibility to as low as it goes and lock you out of CC for a full day.

Each task keeps you on the screen with a timer ticking down in the lower right corner – if you exit the page or the timer runs out, the task is gone. Don’t get through a 400 word piece and hit the back button by mistake – I did, and I was left with a lengthy piece that had no application anywhere else.


22 thoughts on “Freelance Writing Site Info: CloudCrowd Review

  1. Nice. This is actually appealing to me because of not just the simplicity (once the testing is said and done), but there’s a game aspect to it too! (having points, and timers, and mini challanges and such). I’ll definatly give it a thought for the future, thanks!

    • 🙂 The entry process can be a little…trying…(one of my fledgling writers is on take three with her general writer application), but once you’re in it’s an amazing opportunity to pick up some money. Some writing sites just aren’t worth jumping through the hoops, but Cloudcrowd’s been pretty darn good to me – just put $20 in my tank from an article I wrote for them over the weekend.

  2. Hi, I need some help please.

    I signed up and went to the cred. section, and when I clicked on writing, I went to the English Comp. Test (which was at the bottom, and had a faded link), and it said there was no work there right now. However, at the very top, there’s the French Comp. Test; is there something I did wrong, or is it just coincidental?


    Raven Vinnie

    • Hey Again RV!

      They load the tests the same way they load work, so there aren’t any on there at the moment. Sometimes they’ll pull the credential tests for a little bit (few days, a week, etc) if they’re oversaturated on workers and don’t have enough work to go around.

      You aren’t doing anything wrong, so no worries! As the forum-ites mentioned, just keep peeking back to see if any go up. The forums are the best place to get current info on CC news, and CC admins occasionally post updates there.

  3. I find slicethepie to be very nice to use ( It’s great for starting out if you haven’t written before as there is no risk if you do a bad job (Though you’ll get paid less)

    I recommend this site because of the aforementioned point. You basically review songs, and get paid anywhere up to $0.25 per track reviewed. It’s not the best pay, but if you are lacking credentials and want to build up in writing tasks for cloud crowd, it’s a brilliant start. There is a minimum payout of $10, but it’s through paypal and quite rapid (Within 5 working days). You could probably make that amount in 2-3 hours of intensive writing.

    The only criticism I would give it would be the low hourly rate, however it is far better than cloudcrowd for people starting out (Not people who are experienced writers though) and it’s guaranteed work, too. 🙂

      • Hey mate,

        Would like to apologize. At the time of writing, I was a uni student with no job over the Summer, was getting very desperate to make a bit of money. I’ve since realised that it was being selfish positing that.

        I’m no longer involved with anything online as I’ve gotten myself a job. Sorry to have commented like that, am no longer involved in it. Hope it wasn’t too much of a problem and wish you all the best with your website (It’s looking good!)


      • Hey man;

        No problem at all – I actually assumed you were a bot! Glad to know there’s flesh and blood there.

        Thanks for returning, I’m hoping to add more site reviews soon! I hope you’re doing better than you were in the Summer 🙂

    • Hello Maria;

      I’ve worked with CloudCrowd for awhile now and haven’t had any issues with ID theft or weirdness – they’re on the up-and-up as far as that goes. I tell my freelancers – if you’re concerned a site isn’t legitimate, alter your SSN in some way when initially applying – e.g. reverse the first two, middle, or last two digits to get “in the door.” If after poking around it turns out to be a scam, no harm no foul and they don’t have your SSN. If it turns out to be legitimate, you can always contact support and tell them you made a typo entering your information.

  4. You might want to consider an updated review of the writing test process. I just finished it and it was quite different than what you described here. Love your site, though. You have lots of good information for newbies, and free! Thank you!

    • I’m sorry, I don’t give out test answers. If you can’t get through on your own merit, you might want to reconsider applying. Even if you “get in” with a borrowed answer, you’ll be out of your depth when the work starts coming in. Best of luck to you!

  5. hi, wonderful info. can u help me out please. yours is the only website that seems to be precise. I was trying to sign up for cloud crowd but just cannot. I can’t seem to access the website. I get a page named citrix access gateway asking for my name and password. I tried entering my Facebook as well as my computer’s log in details. But no dice. has the website been shut down ? I am from Sydney. could that be a problem? thanks for your time. cheers.

  6. hi, I just saw the beginning of the post. so now we have to apply via clowdsource is it? 3 am, so my brain is a bit muddled:)

  7. Hi, So i took the Senior quality assurance test today but wasn’t able to pass. There was a series of 10 questions where there were images given and they asked ” what violation ?” I wasn’t too sure how to answer the questions. I’m not asking for the answers, i wanted to know if there was some site i could check to learn about whatever is required to pass the test

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