iWriter Scam: The Hits Just Keep On Coming

I’ve long maintained that a successful product sells itself; that a positive and upwardly-mobile workplace attracts talent without needing to try to0 hard. When I come across a freelance writing scam site or con, I do my best to write about the reasons why I consider it a bad choice for freelancers, and I don’t tend to bite my tongue when I’m dishing out deserved criticism. When I wrote my blog entry Freelance Writing Site Info: iWriter.com nearly a year ago, I figured that I’d detail the issues I found with the site, steer others off, and leave it up perpetually to serve as a warning. I didn’t expect I’d get a lot of comments on it – the review was pretty straightforward – but I did get a surprising chorus of agreement from people that had been burned financially by the site.

Almost unanimously, my visitors agreed that the ethics behind the site were questionable at best, even if they were claiming to have earned some money with them. My blog post might have answered the basic question of “Is iWriter.com a scam?”, but it was the commentary below it that drove the point home to casual browsers.

Yesterday, I got an email from iWriter, with the subject line “We’d like to deposit free money into your iwriter account balance.”

Here is the text of the email I received from iWriter:

Hi Delany, the holiday season is upon us and I thought it
would be fun to give away some free money sent straight to your
iWriter account.

And it’s valid until January 1st. Here’s how it works:


Also, I wanted to let you know that I’ve added a blog to iWriter,
which you’ll see when you visit the link above.

And we’re in the process of adding a feature to allow you to write
Press Releases for clients, which has been a highly requested

Lots of good things to come in 2014!

Have a look at the page below to see how you can earn free money
deposited by us, straight to your iWriter account balance:


Happy holidays! :-)

Brad Callen
Bryxen Software, Inc.

Bryxen Software, Inc. 2159 Glebe Street, Suite 270 Carmel, IN 46032

Essentially, the link leads the reader to a page that’s offering a buck or two for every post they get out on the net that promotes iWriter. This morning, my queue on WordPress for my iWriter review piece – the one with over 20 negative comments about how much of a scam iWriter is behind the scenes – is suddenly filled with post after post about how wonderful and amazing and profitable the site is. All of these comments popped up mere hours after the email was sent…

….and if you think that’s a coincidence, I’ve got a bridge to sell ya.

iWriter and everyone spam-posting for the site – you’re embarrassing yourselves and muddying the waters of those looking for legitimate freelance writing sites. You’ll find no “safe harbor” on this blog when it’s so abundantly clear what’s motivating your posting tone.

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6 thoughts on “iWriter Scam: The Hits Just Keep On Coming

  1. Everyone has an opinion, and your own may be just as valid as the next persons. Personally, I like iwriter, and this has nothing to do with the recent email sent from them. Cry all you want big man. If you can write well then iwriter isn’t a bad place to be associated with. I am a writer and writing articles and the like passes time and gets me a few extra bucks to play with. Maybe you got rejected too much for your own good.

    • 1.) The very fact that you haven’t found this blog prior to now tells me that yes, the recent pay-for-positive-comments iWriter email has quite a bit to do with your arrival here.

      2.) In case the name wasn’t a dead giveaway, I’m a woman, and I assure you, I’m a-OK putting the truth out there.

      3.) I have never been rejected from iWriter, nor had any of my work returned on other sites – not that it’s relevant whatsoever. Again, I find myself responding to a “Pro-iWriter” member that chooses to take shots at my professionalism instead of responding to my central point – that the pay-to-play tactics used by iWriter to promote their site and gather up more writers willing to work for sub-living wages are unethical and do perceptive harm to freelancing as a whole.

  2. Hmmm, iWriter isn’t a scam. You just had a negative experience. I’ve been using the site since Brad first launch it, Brad Callen has long history of making quality products in the internet marketing space, you don’t usually hear scam affiliated with his name. Scam is the wrong word to use, iWriter simply launched an affiliate program and then they told their users to promote the site, the unethical part of which you speak about isn’t iWriter but the users and how they choose to promote the service. 80% of businesses have affiliate programs and some of their affiliates do bad things to earn a few extra bucks doesn’t make the company they’re promoting bad.

    That being said, I’m not a writer for iWriter, I’m a buyer so I don’t know what the experience is from your perspective. I have however had over 200 articles written on iWriter and my experience has been mostly positive, I get crap articles from time to time but I also get some gems as well.

    Your clearly unhappy with the service but calling it a scam ins’t accurate, did they not pay you when you wrote something? Did they make you a promise and then did not deliver? Are they lying about the rates? Those would be considered scams. What your talking about is more along the lines of a crappy, horrible or sh*tty experience. No different from when someone gets a credit card with a high interest rate and anal fee, then call it scam when they get charged as if the terms didn’t clearly tell them what would happen.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some iWriter defender, I use other services that are better. All I’m saying is that it’s not a scam.

    That being said, I suggest you check out other services, like WriterAccess, Scripted and TextBrokers. WriterAccess and Scripted pay substantially higher rates to writers if more money is what your looking for. You will need to be an exceptional writer though.

    FYI: I found this article searching “iwriter wordpress,” I was trying to find a iWriter plugin for WordPress.

    • Hello Glenton – thank you for visiting my blog!

      If this iWriter issue had been a lone incident, I wouldn’t have stepped out, guns blazing, as I did. I liberally scatter the term iWriter scam to nod to the spirit of their business, if not the actual acts themselves – generally, freelancers looking to partner with a business will toss that term – iWriter scam – into Google to check the legitimacy of the site.

      The fact of the matter is, however, that it’s one in a string of issues from not only this company, but Brad Callen – who has a dubious reputation among veteran freelancers for a long line of get-rich-quick type of endeavors which distressingly seem to trend towards elevating his status – business and financially speaking – while dragging down that of those elevating him.

      I point to an earlier post I did on the company, one which highlights how iWriter *charges* freelancers a not-insignificant sum for the “privilege” of working there. I’m not willing to give the proverbial benefit of the doubt to any company that thinks it’s ethical to charge its employees for a job position, period. I think you can agree that stuff like this stinks like 3 day old fish. (http://thefreelancewriterguide.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/freelance-writing-site-info-iwriter/)

      I’m actually on each of the sites you mentioned, five star status on most! WriterAccess has been brilliant for me, Scripted can be a bit obtuse, and Textbroker – well, lets just say they’re less than ideal in terms of treatment and pay. Freelancing is always going to be a moving target, and every site has something to gripe about, but I still firmly believe that iWriter deserves the reviews I’ve given it.

  3. I had a great experience with iWriter until I tried to have the content published. The publisher wouldn’t touch it.

    The reason is that iWriter keeps the rights to all of the content they sell.

    Sure, you get a license to do just about everything with it, but my publisher showed me this from their CONTENT USER AGREEMENT:


    Look at paragraph 7.

    The content is non-transferable, and they keep all the rights, so don’t try to flip your site without taking all of the iWriter content off first.


    • So, Paul – you are saying that, as a client, you were unable to use the work that you paid for how you wanted to use it? That’s crazy – I’m used to scam writing sites like these pulling a fast one on the writer’s side, but I’ve never heard of them doing it to clients!

      What a shame. Hopefully other clients will read your experience here and elect to go to another content mill – one that respects their right to use the product they’ve purchased!

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